Microblading Correction


Permanent Makeup Color correction: 

If the shape is desirable, but the color has faded into a blue, green, purple or red hue we use a technique that “covers” the old color.  Corrective color is first tattooed over the faded permanent makeup to neutralize it.  And then right after in the same session, we can give you new beautiful natural eyebrows.   

Permanent Makeup Shape correction:

Shape mishaps can happen when a technician is poorly trained, lacks the artistic ability or does not yet have enough experience in the field.  Shape corrections can range – sometimes the shape is not “terrible” but would look much better with a few changes.  In this case, we would be able to provide additional tattooing to improve the symmetry, shape or balance of the eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. If additional tattooing does not fix the problem, pigments or inks may have to be removed first.

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